ParaQia Smart Cards & Loyalty Solutions

ParaQia's proprietary Loyalty, Pre-Paid and Membership platform enables companies of all sizes to set up their own Rewards and Payment platform in order to reward their customers. Integrating the latest technology in Customer Relationship Management and Payment Systems, ParaQia's platform allows companies to set up their own programme settings, tactical campaigns, marketing communications and receive real time MIS reports on the behavioural, transactional and demographic breakdown of the activity in their business.

ParaQia's platform can equally be configured to provide a closed loop pre-paid card platform, allowing businesses to set up a controlled cash free environment within their outlets or venue.

With loyal customers rewarded for maintaining and growing their relationship with your company, you are able to better understand each customer, their needs, their desires and to effectively leverage the real time data to make educated smarter decisions based on real life facts.

The Tablet based system allows to unify your rewards, payments, marketing and reporting systems all in one place, allowing you, at all times, to have a complete 360 degree view of your business. The modular structure allows you to grow the platform to suit a single outlet to run across all the companies, products and services of a multi-national company.

Join the growing network of international companies in finance, hospitality, retail, electronics, Automotive and Energy that trust ParaQia to create, manage and leverage their customer relationships.

  • What have they achieved working with ParaQia?

    • Created stickiness – Points become a “universal currency” that entices members to stick to your company and its partner merchants
    • Increased average transaction per transaction (member vs. non member)
    • Increased average transaction per customer (member vs. non member)
    • Improved promotion efficiency - higher response rate (member vs. non members)
    • Improved customer insight
    • Improved cross-sell among within companies of the group
    • Created virtuous cycle – large members base attracts more merchant partners: more merchant partners attracts more members

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