ParaQia Tele-Services

ParaQia Tele-Services was established in 2007. Today, PTS has evolved into a leading global provider of outsourced inbound and outbound call center services. We are a UAE based company offering high quality services to both regional and international clients. ParaQia Tele-Services is a member of the Direct Marketing Association, American Teleservices Association and the Better Business Bureau.


Our mission is to be the most efficient, cost effective and innovative call center provider in the region.

  • Core Competencies

    • State-of-the-art predictive dialing technology with digital recording and call monitoring capabilities; 100% web-enabled stations
    • Extensive focus on training, quality and performance that outperforms the competition
    • Dedicated client services team provides end-to-end client focus and ensures all goals and strategic objectives are achieved and exceeded
    • Highly qualified senior management team with proven experience
    • Ability to quickly develop and implement a tailored marketing approach utilizing strategically located call centers
  • Why Outsource?

      By leveraging our expertise you can:

    • Get started quickly utilizing best practices
    • Leverage our technological investments & state-of-the-art infrastructure
    • Identify the best agents to staff your particular campaigns
    • Build and optimize scripts on the fly
    • Monitor and record all conversations
    • Maximize your revenue and reduce overall costs to be most efficient
    • Minimize your compliance exposure by leveraging our vast experience with telemarketing compliance law
    • Utilize analysis for list modeling and targeting strategies
  • Why is telephone marketing so important to our clients?

    • Response rate is 15 times higher than direct mail with real time call to action
    • Formula driven marketing channel (i.e. “X” expense = “Y” results)
    • Increase bundle penetration
    • Increase average revenue per user (ARPU)
    • Personalized interactions
    • Reduce customer attrition
    • Speed to market
    • Flexibility

ParaQia Group Clients